Are There Any Side Effects to Drinking Water from Water Distillers? Separating Fact from Fiction

The best salt free water softener have recently increased as a preventative measure to ensure drinking water is free of harmful contaminants. However, as with any emerging practice, questions about water distillers’ safety and potential adverse effects have been raised. This essay will investigate the real story behind the purported dangers of consuming water from distillers.

Distilling water is harmful because it eliminates healthy minerals, or so the myth goes.

Some believe drinking becomes less healthy because even the best water distillers remove minerals. There is, nonetheless, some truth here that is being withheld. However, the minerals lost during the distillation process utilized by water filtration systems are not essential to human health and can be safely discarded. Minerals are critical to human health, yet humans get most of what they need from food, not water.

As water is distilled, some of its beneficial components are often lost.

Even though water distillers are great for getting rid of unwanted elements, they also have the potential to get rid of some of the water’s inherent benefits, such the oxygen. However, the oxygen content of water is usually relatively low; thus, eliminating it won’t have too many negative consequences.

Consuming just distilled water can lead to dehydration, so the myth goes.

The belief that consuming distilled water can lead to dehydration is another persistent urban legend. Yet, such is not the situation. You can maintain your body’s water balance by drinking enough distilled water. Hence, those concerned about contaminants in their drinking water will benefit significantly by switching to distilled water.

Electrolyte imbalance may result from drinking distilled water.

Distilled water won’t make you thirsty but could reduce your electrolyte balance. Electrolytes are present in body fluids, and when they are out of balance, it can lead to significant health problems. Yet, this is unusual and usually only a problem for those who drink distilled water but don’t eat properly.

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